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    Document Scanning

    You can count on Security Archives when it comes to scanning your valuable paper documents to digital images. We index and retrieve your paper documents and deliver them to you electronically through our scan-on-demand services. Our Document Conversion and Digital Imaging division knows how to find what you’re looking for, scan these documents into a variety of file formats, and then email or transfer these files to your desktop.

    Whether your project is trying to free up clutter in the office by turning paperwork into digital files or an adaptation to keep up during business periods, Security Archives stands ready to provide powerful bulk scanning. Our back file scanning services can handle any volume that you require, whether you have a single container or an entire building full of files. We prep, sort, scan, and index your files according to your specifications. Once your documents have been digitized, they are electronically uploaded to a storage location of your choosing. If you don’t currently have an electronic document storage solution, our image hosting service helps you properly maintain and manage your digital information. With state of the art scanning equipment, our imaging department can digitize all types of documents, even uniquely sized and exotic records such as:


    Scan on Demand is a unique file delivery option available to our clients. With this technology, paperwork residing in our records center can be scanned to digital images as opposed to delivering the files to a physical business location – saving our customers valuable time. The files are then hosted through our secure internet portal, where they can be accessed and viewed without delay by authorized personnel.

    At Security Archives we utilize a computerized barcode tracking system that allows our clients to view identical documents simultaneously from your PC workstation. This eliminates time delays and the costs of handling paper documents. Rather than retrieving and delivering a file, the file is pulled, the page or pages required are scanned and the file is returned to its storage location.

    The image of the file can be provided to you, via a secure web connection and accessed by password any time, day or night, or transferred for immediate uploading and access. Once scanned, documents can also be emailed as a securely encrypted hyperlink or attachment to you.

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    Workflow Scanning Solution

    Security Archives workflow scanning solution reduces your company’s paper dependence for improved productivity. You need a scanning partner that understands your requirements and can help you streamline your workflow processes. At Security Archives, we begin by assessing how information is stored, processed, and shared once it enters your workflow. After evaluating your needs, we show you the steps for achieving a digital workflow that supports your business objectives.
    Our workflow scanning service ensures your paper records are imaged efficiently and securely. On a daily, weekly or monthly schedule, we collect the physical documents you are currently using. We prep, sort, scan, and index your files according to your specifications. Once your documents have been digitized, they are electronically uploaded to a storage location of your choosing. Your business must be efficient, privacy compliant, and offer excellent customer service. Let Security Archives workflow scanning services help you do that.

    Cloud Storage

    Fully embrace and migrate to the cloud for all of your companies document and application needs. Many small to mid sized companies are still hesitant or resource and time constrained to completely move their documents and applications to the cloud. Security Archives and it’s partners offer strong security. Also, the benefits of the cloud often outweigh your worries and time it takes to move to the cloud. So, spend the time and investment to fully move to the cloud, and reap the benefits of storing everything in one secure place, having your teams communicate and collaborate on one common platform, reducing your overhead, operating more efficiently, and saving time on updating computers, finding documents, and maintaining your in-house security and infrastructure. Also, Security Archives can provide resources and tools needed for your migration to the cloud.

    Large Format Scanning

    Does your firm have large documents that won’t fit onto standard office scanners? Many professionals find that over-sized canvases are unwieldy when trying to share with colleagues or clients. Additionally, over time regular wear and tear can prove dangerous to the invaluable original copies that are required by many transactions. These can include engineering prints, topographic maps, architectural plans and specifications, or machinery schematics; all of which need to be preserved for the future and/or digitized to expedite access and retrieval.

    With Security Archives large format scanning services, we help make these critically important records easier to access and utilize in a format that meets the needs of modern business. Even with pre-existing damage to aged materials, our scanning technicians help data come to life via cutting edge technology. Each scanned drawing is inspected for uniformity and quality prior to delivery.

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