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Records Storage Services

Security Archives offers a safe, clean, secure facility for storing confidential business records. Our records center is an original Albert Kahn, fireproof facility, designed to eliminate theft and fire and water damage. All documents are stored on high-density records storage racking systems. We use state-of-the-art technology and rigorously designed and monitored processes that constantly maintain the security of our clients’ confidential information. For decades Security Archives has been providing offsite storage and records management services to businesses throughout Michigan.

Our facility features advanced technology to protect and preserve your records. The following systems safeguard your information throughout the retention life cycle:

  • 24-hour monitored video surveillance
  • Third-party monitored fire suppression and notification
  • Backup generators
  • Climate control monitoring
  • Retention management
  • File retrieval and delivery

Security Archives offsite records management service offers secure, compliant access to your business records when you need them most. You can retrieve your records stored with Security Archives year-round, 24/7. We run a professional records management software that includes a comprehensive inventory tracking system, creating a detailed audit trail for your hard copy records. You can track and maintain your inventory via our free web access portal.

Records Management Software & Client Access

The Security Archives Total Recall SQL Software developed by DHS Worldwide is utilized in over 1200 commercial record centers worldwide. Total Recall accurately tracks records from the initial add to final disposition through robust bar-coding functionality. Total Recall software offers 15 standard fields and 45 custom reference fields, all of which are customizable. Security Archives can capture essential data fields including box number, bar code, box size, location, department, budget code, major description, minor description, status, and box history (dates of check out and check in).

The Security Archives Total Recall software provides a proven chain of custody of all pickups and deliveries, including receipts and activity logs. Total Recall also provides the ability to view the live status of record locations, status of each record and perpetual history for all activities performed. With Total Recall’s Client Web Access, our clients have 24/7 access to quickly search and request inventory, generate order receipts, run inventory reports and schedule collections/deliveries.

To learn more about our records storage services, please call 313-822-4468 or email us at

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