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Collection Containers

Our container drop off service provides you with lockable receptacles that are placed within your facility. Files can easily be dropped within, eliminating time spent feeding paper through a shredding machine. We offer a variety of collection containers to supplement your customized purge solution:

  • 65-gallon rolling carts
  • 95-gallon purge bins
  • office shredding consoles

When you’re ready, one of our screened professional shredding technicians picks up and either transports all material to our facility for secure destruction or shreds all material on-site at your office with our mobile shredding vehicle. Upon completion of each method we provide you with a Certificate of Destruction.

Security at Every Step of the Shredding Process

With Security Archives scheduled destruction services, you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your hard drives, media, and documents are being destroyed and recycled in accordance with industry best practices. Our process ensures complete security and compliance through four key steps:

1. Destruction Bin Delivery: We deliver locked destruction bins or consoles to your business for you to fill with your documents. These tamper-resistant containers are bar-coded, scanned and tracked through every stage of destruction.

2. Scheduled Service: Our drivers arrive at your location according to the schedule you create with us. Your empty bins replace your full bins, which are placed on our truck with the lids still locked. They remain locked until they reach our secure facility. For media and hard drive destruction, we bring our mobile shredding truck and destroy all of your digital media on-site at your facility.

3. Disposal: For paper documents, once they reach our facility, your destruction bins are emptied into our secure trucks and transported by our employees to our NAID AAA Certified partner’s paper shredding plant. Our employees supervise the destruction of all documents. Your shredded material is then mixed with material from other businesses, baled, and recycled into new paper products.

4. Certificate of Destruction: If you would like proof of destruction for your hard drives, media or documents, we’ll provide you with a Certificate of Destruction after each scheduled shredding service.

To learn more about our secure destruction and shredding services, please call 313-822-4468 or email us at

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