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Climate-controlled Storage

Security Archives data protection services help our clients preserve their backup media and meet regulatory privacy standards. The offsite media vaults in our Detroit facility is specifically designed to protect and preserve backup media.

At Security Archives, our media vault is designed for the long-term security and preservation of sensitive backup media. The vault is specially designed to protect and preserve backup media including computer backups, micro-media, redundant computers, pathology paraffin blocks, and other environmentally sensitive storage.

Inside the vault, climate control and monitoring systems regulate the temperature and humidity levels, while entry access controls, and surveillance systems provide constant security for your inventory.

Security Archives environmental vault storage area has a minimum 4 hour fire rating, maintains a constant 70 degrees Fahrenheit, 45% relative humidity and is equipped with a 4,000 pound safe door.

To learn more about our data and media protection services, please call 313-822-4468 or email us at

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